life style / portrait

photography for magazines, business and private

In studio or on location of your choice: office, factory, fitness center, yoga studio, ¬†golf place, on your yacht or with your family … where ever you would like to be photographed, I will be there too. With high end camera, lenses and lighting equipment … with my own studio … working with experienced make up artists and hair stylists …. I offer you high quality photographs of you and your business.

Portraits open doors to your business!

Your portraits help people and your clients to see who you are .. and with you the presentation of your business. My portrait photography, for business or private, helps you to forget that you are staying in front of a camera. You are just staying in the right light and in a perfect natural composition.

My portrait photography in Bangkok or where you are, helps you to open your self for the world; to say: hi .. Its me … I am here … and that’s my profession