jewelry photography Bangkok

Alluring, sophisticated and precious.  Jewels and gemstones are true ancient and modern icons.
Jewelry has been an ever-present part of human civilization. Adorning oneself with jewelry has been consistent across space and time, across religions, cultures, classes and genders.
Wearing jewelry and gemstones symbolize birth, sex, marriage, covenant, wealth, mourning, success, but also presents the individual taste and characterizes our life style. Many people believe in the power and energy which jewelry and gemstones attract, activate and emit. we express ourselves also by wearing jewelry and gemstones!
As an International Jewelry and Gemstones photographer Bangkok I make timeless images of your jewels and accessories through playing with forms, shapes, colors, composition. Setting the right light bring the jewels and gemstones to shine over the other products
My photo studio in central Bangkok is fully equipped with high end camera, lenses, lighting, accessories and divers backgrounds. So with 20 years of experience, I offer a professional jewelry and gemstone photography service with reasonable prices.

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