Hi … my name is Amia Fa

I was born somewhere. grew up somewhere else. and now reside in yet another somewhere else. I traveled to 38 countries I met lots of people while gathering unforgettable life and work experiences. I practise yoga, tai chi, swimming, scuba diving, hiking, bicycling and motorbiking. I love my family, friends and of course healthy food too. Life is good ūüôā

For more than 20 years I have been committed to Film TV and Photography. Whether it be still or moving images, fashion or TV commercials, portrait or documentary.  My eyes are always focused on capturing interesting faces, moments, stories, products and places. I studied at  german film and television academy berlin (dffb). I had the chance to have great cinematographers as teacher.  Currently I am living and working as a professional and creative photographer, cinematographer and videographer in Bangkok, the vibrant asian Metropole. I offer high quality photography and videography services. For advertising, fashion, product, ecommerce food, jewelry, portrait, industry, corporate, restaurants, hotels and resorts in Bangkok and Thailand.

I offer  high quality photo and video shooting in my own studio or on any location in Bangkok / Thailand or other countries. I have access to big production houses and crews for big productions. I use only high end and professional equipment, cameras, lenses and lighting.

You can also visit my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/AmiaFa.Cinematography.Photography